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MPP-Cores-55588-A2,Alloy Powder Core, Soft core suppliers

MPP-Cores-55588-A2,Alloy Powder Core, Soft core suppliers

MPP cores magnetics cores with good quality MPP cores can be classified according to size, permeability and temperature stability. In general, you should choose the maximum physical and economic size of the core. Due to the large cross section area and small magnetic flux density, the Q value of...

Magnetics core -55588-A2 High Quality MPP Cores ,Alloy Powder Core Soft core


MPP powder cores are 81% Ni, 2% Mo and 17% Fe powder constitutes the main features are: saturation magnetic induction value in about 7500 gauss magnetic permeability range from 14μ-550μ.

  1. Powder cores with the Lowest loss.

  2. Excellent temperature stability.

  3. Magnetostriction coefficient is close to zero,

  4. No noise is generated when the work at different frequencie

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audio tuning circuit,

high-Q filtering load coil,

radio frequency (RFI) filters

medical equipment /space equipment/outdoor equipment

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