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Mn-Zn Ferrite Core

Features: ■ Available materials: Mn-Zn power ferrite and P30/P40/P44/P50/P95/H5K/H7K/H10K.H15K ■ Operating in high frequency ■ Low loss and high saturation flux density ■ RoHS Directive-compliant ■ Dimension types: PQ20/16, PQ20/20, PQ26/20, PQ26/25, PQ32/20,PQ32/30, PQ35/35, PQ40/40 and PQ50/50 ■ EE,EC,EFD,EI,EP,EPC,ET&FT,H ,P,PEE&PEI ,PM,,RM,UF,UYF,UY AR.DS etc series ferrite core .High frequency and low-loss ferrite cores
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EE Type ferrite core
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