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Encapsulated Transformer

Encapsulated Transformer

PCB power transformer
EE20x4, EE20X6 and EE20X10 encapsulated power transformer
EI30X5, EI30X10.5, EI30X12.5, EI30X15.5 and EI30X18encapsulated power transformer
EI30X23, EI38X14, EI42X14 and EI42X20 encapsulated powertransformer

Shaanxi Gold-Stone Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading encapsulated transformer manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy high quality encapsulated transformer, ee type encapsulated transformer, ei type encapsulated transformer, ui type encapsulated transformer products from our factory.

1.Different input voltage: 0-240VAC (world wild use)
2.High efficiency: typical value:80% (according to different power).
3. No load power consumption :<< 0.3W.
4. Total adjustment rate: +/-10%
5.High temperature protection.
6. Fuse protection, short-circuit protection.
7. Over current protection.
8. Weight: according to different power.

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Temperature class: Class B (130°C)

Ambient temperature (ta): 70°C

Dielectric strength: 4,500Vrms

Potted under vacuum

Agency approvals:

cUL: CSA C22.2

Compliant with CE standards


Encapsulated transformer Catalog

0.35VA/0.45VA   EE20/06  

0.5VA/0.6VA     EE20/10

0.5VA/0.6VA    EI30/05

1.2VA/1.5VA      EI30/10.5

1.5VA/1.8VA      EI30/12.5

2VA/2.4VA      EI30/15

2.8VA/3.2VA    EI30/23

3.5VA/4VA      EI38/14

5VA   EI42/14, EI42/14B

8VA/10VA      EI48/16

8VA/10VA      EI48/120

13VA/16VA     EI54/20

2.3VA/2.8VA    EI30/18

5VA/6VA       UI30/10

Varnished Transformers


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