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Wire Wound Inductor

  • chip inductor, smd power inductor

    Contact Nowchip inductor, smd power inductorBrand Name:Gold-Stone
    Model Number:GS-CD75-4R7M
    1.Shielded construction
    2.Superior DC current...

  • SMD Power Inductor

    Contact NowSMD Power InductorMaterials:
    Core: ferrite DR core or ferrite RI core
    Wire: enameled copper wire (class F)
    Adhesive: epoxy resin

  • Multilayer Chip Inductors

    Contact NowMultilayer Chip InductorsMonolithic inorganic material construction
    Closed magnetic circuit avoids crosstalk
    Low DC resistance and high current-handling capability
    Excellent solder ability, heat...

  • Through Hole Inductor

    Contact NowThrough Hole InductorVarious sizes are available
    Small, medium and high-quantity are available
    With wide frequency range
    Low-profile power inductor

  • Wire Wound Inductor

    Contact NowWire Wound InductorWire wound chip inductor is a perfect combine by means of combining hinge precision coil framework with superb wound technology comparable with traditional inductor, it is improved technology,...

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