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Ferrite cores and accessoies

  • Iron Powder Core

    Contact NowIron Powder CoreDifferent sizes
    Iron powder cores
    RoHs compliance
    Different sizes and material including 2, 8/90, 18, 26, 38, 40,52 can be provided

  • MPP-Cores-55588-A2,Alloy Powder Core, Soft core suppliers

    Contact NowMPP-Cores-55588-A2,Alloy Powder Core, Soft core suppliersMPP cores magnetics cores with good quality MPP cores can be classified according to size, permeability and temperature stability. In general, you should choose the maximum physical and economic...

  • MnZn soft magnet ferrite core

    Contact NowMnZn soft magnet ferrite coreFeatures: Available materials: Mn-Zn power ferrite and P30/P40/P44/P50/P95/H5K/H7K/H10K.H15K
    Operating in high frequency Low loss and high saturation flux density RoHS...

  • Amorphous Core

    Contact NowAmorphous CoreHigh saturation magnetic induction intensity, reduces the core volume
    Rectangular structure is advantage for the coil assembly
    Core openings, excellent ability to resist DC bias...

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