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EI bobbin

  • DIP Bobbin

    Contact NowDIP BobbinEE5 to EE55 series bobbins
    EF12.6/EF16/EF20/EF25/EF32 series bobbins
    ETD29/ETD34/ETD39/ETD44/ETD49/ETD54/ETD59 series bobbins
    RM4/RM5/RM6/RM7/RM8/RM10/RM12/RM14 series bobbins

  • High Frequncy Transformer Bobbins

    Contact NowHigh Frequncy Transformer BobbinsShaanxi Gold-Stone electronics company limited is one of the leading bobbin manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy high quality dip bobbin, EI type bobbin, EPC type bobbin, EP type bobbin,...

  • SMD Bobbin

    Contact NowSMD BobbinEE5 to EE65 series bobbins
    EF12.6, EF16, EF20, EF25 or EF32 series bobbins
    ETD29, ETD34, ETD39, ETD44, ETD49, ETD54 or ETD59 seriesbobbins
    RM4, RM5, RM6, RM7, RM8, RM10, RM12 or...

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