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S141-60A Sendust Cores Alloy Powder Cores Toroidal Cores

S141-60A Sendust Cores Alloy Powder Cores Toroidal Cores


sdndust cores

Mainly used in power inductors, alternating current inductors, output inductors, line filters, power factor correction circuits and other switching power supply, and sometimes replace air gap ferrite as transformer core.

The main features and advantages are as follows: when reducing the effective permeability of the core,
 the small air gap evenly distributed in the core can make the winding withstand a large DC component without saturating the core during the application of DC pulse;

 and the core loss is lower than that of the existing iron powder core material in a wide frequency range. The temperature rise of Fe-Si-Al core is always less than half of that of Fe-Si-Al core under the same test conditions.

 The core loss is only 1/2 to 1/4 of that of Fe-Si-Al core. Under high frequency conditions, they are superior to that of Fe-Si-Al core and can meet the requirements of high efficiency inductors for high frequency power conversion equipment. It can be used at frequencies above 8KHz, saturated magnetic induction is about 1.05T, magnetostrictive coefficient is close to zero,

and no noise is produced when working at different frequencies; it has higher DC bias ability than MPP; it has the best cost performance.

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audio tuning circuit,

high-Q filtering load coil,

radio frequency (RFI) filters

medical equipment /space equipment/outdoor equipment

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