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  • Amorphous Core

    Contact NowAmorphous CoreHigh saturation magnetic induction intensity, reduces the core volume
    Rectangular structure is advantage for the coil assembly
    Core openings, excellent ability to resist DC bias saturated<
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  • Alloy Powder Core

    Contact NowAlloy Powder CoreDifferent dimensions of toroidal cores made of iron powder,sendust, MPP, high flux
    Iron powder toroidal cores used in:
    Output chokes for switching power supplies
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  • Mn-Zn Ferrite Core

    Contact NowMn-Zn Ferrite CoreAvailable materials: Mn-Zn power ferrite and P30/P40/P44/P50/P95/H5K/H7K/H10K.H15K
    Operating in high frequency
    Low loss and high saturation flux density
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  • Ni-Zn Ferrite Core

    Contact NowNi-Zn Ferrite CoreGood frequency characteristic
    Q value is high at high-frequency
    Low impedance
    Usage: mobile communications, frequency adjustment implement, imaging equipment
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  • Iron Powder Core

    Contact NowIron Powder CoreDifferent sizes
    Iron powder cores
    RoHs compliance
    Different sizes and material including 2, 8/90, 18, 26, 38, 40,52 can be provided
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