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Flyback Transforme

Flyback Transforme

Flyback transformer with Low cost Simple design High efficiency characteristics Widely used in 100W to 150W power supply Compared with other similar topologies The flyback transformer also has the characteristics of the main and auxiliary isolation level, And can provide multiple outputs, as well as the choice of positive and negative voltage output

Flyback Transformer Key Specifications/Special Features:
1.Working frequency: 20kHz-300KHz
2.Output power: 0.5 - 3000W
3.Working temperature: -40℃ - +125℃
4.Storage temperature: -25℃ - +85℃
5.Storage humidity: 30% - 95%
6.Voltage ratio: it refers to the primary voltage and secondary voltage ratio of the transformer.
7.DCR: DC resistance.
8.Safety transformer.
9.Insulation resistance: insulation capabilities from the core and between the transformer windings.
10.Dielectric strength: transformers in 1 second or 1 minute withstand the specified voltage level.
11.We're the manufacture by ISO9001:9000 serious certification.

Available In Various Types, With Switching Power Transformer

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