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EE Type Ferrite Core,MnZn Soft Magnet Ferrite Core

EE Type Ferrite Core,MnZn Soft Magnet Ferrite Core

Available materials: Mn-Zn
Low loss and high saturation flux density
Provide EE,EC,EFD,EI,EP,EPC,ET&FT,H ,P,PEE&PEI ,PM,,RM,UF,UYF,UY AR.DS etc series ferrite core

Shaanxi Gold-Stone Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading mn-zn ferrite core manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy high quality mn-zn ferrite core, ec type mn-zn ferrite core, ee type mn-zn ferrite core, efd type mn-zn ferrite core, ei type mn-zn ferrite core, pq type mn-zn ferrite core products from our factory.


1) Good anti-corrosion performance, no need to surface treatment.

2) Good temperature stability

3) Good choice for industrial application

4) All shapes can be customized

5) Compact crystal

6) provid isotropic and anisotropic

7) OEM service

8)Available materials: Mn-Zn power ferrite P30/P40/P44/P50/P95/H5K/H7K/H10K.H15K


Consume electronic

InverterPFC and UPS

Switch mode power supply

Ammeter, audio, phone, TV, dynamo, Motors, Meters, Speakers, Sensors, Medical Machine prducts, Magnetic Sport products, etce

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