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Balun Transformer

Features: Available in various size, base pin terminal treated, low profile SMD balun coil In surface mounting Pair wire coil for high stability Low profile Common mode dual micro-array Broadband transmission devices, impedance transmission CT impedance available: 2:1 Characteristic impedance available: 50Ω Frequency: 2 to 350MHz RF power: 2.0W DC current: 30mA Insertion loss: 1.5dB max Input return loss: 12.0dB min Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C Storage temperature range: -55°C to +100°C Customized specifications are accepted. RoHS certificate Materials: Core: Ni-zn Wire: QA enameled copper Base: customized Terminal: tin copper Adhesive: epoxy resin Applications: double balance mixers, broad band impedance transformers, directional couplers of mixers, matching power combining and splitting, set-top box and cable modem.
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